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Ensuring that goods are transported quickly,  efficiently and safely has always been a  top priority for  OTS Logistics.  Not only is it essential that cargo is transported securely and appropriately to prevent damage,  but it can actually reduce operational costs as well as allow easy tracking and tracing en route to its destination.

Whether transporting by air, sea, road or rail, OTS Logistics ensures that each and every cargo is suitably packaged, labelled and secured. For instance,  securing heavy cargo in industries dealing with machinery, piping, vehicles and other oversized goods using lashing or other methods has become imperative.  Due to the operational hazards associated with transporting such cumbersome goods, secure fastening and appropriate fixings are mandatory to ensure no damage occurs during transit. OTS Logistics professionals will first assess the clients’ needs, survey the cargo and after careful consideration will develop a tailor-made packaging solution for every shipment.

The company consistently ensures it stays abreast of packaging developments and innovation in the sector, adhering to all industry-standard specifications and regulations, as well as keeping up-to-date with regulatory change.  The use of wooden crating,  for instance, has become an industrial norm for transporting various goods, such as electrical panels. However, depending on which country the cargo is being exported to, the type of wood used for such crating varies from normal to fumigated or heat treated.  Rest assured that  OTS Logistics takes each cargo haul into consideration individually when formulating the best packaging solution.

  • Cargo assessment and overview; packaging tailored to each individual shipment.
  • Reduction of operational costs through suitable packaging.
  • Easy cargo tracking and tracing as a result of appropriate packaging.
  • Quick, efficient transportation.
  • Professional, expert teams that can visit and package over-sized cargo; as well as pick, sort and label intricate items.
  • Up-to-date packaging trends observed and implemented